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We're A Family Company

Edison Roofing Experts is a family business and are not a large roofing corporation who doesn’t care about the customers. Here at Edison Roofing Experts, we take care of our customers because we understand that customers is why we’ve been in business for so many years. We care a lot about our customer service and experience and put that on top of everything else. Quality is the the most important part of our company and make sure we only provide quality services and material. Being a family company, we will go above and beyond for our customers and make sure that everyone is taken care of and done correctly. We double check all of our work and make sure its done right the first time around. All of our employees enjoy what they do and that helps us be the best roofer in Edison, NJ. Read more information about our Residential services, our Commercial services, or our Siding services.
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Edison Roofing Experts
1789 Route 27
Ste 154
Edison, NJ 08817
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Built on Ethics

Our roofing company is built on ethics and hard work, we will never stray away from those two things. It’s whats makes us a great roofing company in Edison, NJ and we honor it. We appreciate the constant referral work given to us through our previous costumers and it comes from doing ethical, quality work. Our goal is to never cut corners and always provide high quality services to our customers in Edison, NJ and surrounding neighborhoods. We take pride going to serve the community everyday, repairing roofs and putting new ones over families’ heads. Its a great pleasure doing what we do and knowing that we have great responsibility customers so we must provide quality work.

We've Been in Business For Years

Rest assured that we’ve been in business long enough to know the ins and outs of roofing and siding. Trust the most experienced roofing contractor in Edison, NJ for either your repair or installation services. We provide detailed, complimentary consultation about what we can do for you and to ensure quality information provided we record all of our calls. We train all of our employees and hold them to a level of expertise and professionalism. We’ve been in the business for a long time and know exactly what are customers need for their siding or roof! Hire the most qualified roofer in Edison, NJ today!

Love To Give Back To The Community

We absolute love being apart of the community here in Edison, NJ! The people of this community are great and we do as much as we can to give back and help the community improve and grow! We’ve been around for a long time and know that the community is what kept us in business for so long. We understand the importance of helping our customers and serving them well! If you have an opportunity or have ideas on how Edison Roofing Experts can help this community then please contact us. We’re always looking for ways to give back and improve our presence in this community and try our hardest to represent Edison, NJ.

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Edison Roofing Experts
1789 Route 27 Ste 154 Edison, NJ 08817
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