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Why Do Customers Say We're The Best Roofing Company?

Take a look at Edison Roofing Experts’ 5 signs of a Trust-Worthy Roofing contractor and find out why we go above and beyond to become the qualified roofing contractor in Edison, NJ! Take a look at the 5 signs and then give Edison Roofing Experts a call for a FREE inspection & consultation today! Pick up the phone and call  (732) 201-7090.

How To Choose The Best Roofing Contractor?

Picking the right contractor either for your roof repair or brand new roof installation can be a daunting task especially if you don’t have any connections with your local contractors. Take a look at our 5 point checklist before you even contact a roofing contractor! Make sure contractor checks out before you invite him to take a look at your roof.

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5 Signs of a Trust-Worthy Roofing Contractor

1) Is a Licensed Contractor

Never, ever hire a contractor who can’t present his licensed when asked or worst case doesn’t even have one! If you don’t have a licensed contractor working for you and you hire him for a roof repair or installation, you may be liable if anything goes wrong. Liable for his injuries, liable for a bad service or worst case scenario you my lose your money if he decides to take off after you pay him. We recommend you stay clear of unlicensed contractors and find one that is to get the job done. You never know the quality of work a unlicensed contractor will do for you, you won’t even know his reputation if he even has one.

2) Has a Website & Online Presence

In this day and era of technology, if a roofing company or roofing contractor doesn’t have a website, social media accounts or isn’t registered on The Better Business Bureau then you most likely can’t tell the reputation of the company. Roofing contractors and roofing companies that don’t have websites can be a red flag, it isn’t that hard nowadays to build your own website, why doesn’t this company have one? Maybe they have something to hide, such as bad reviews. Some malicious contractors don’t want to be online because they don’t want potential customers to see the terrible quality of work they provide. You can no longer hide nowadays if you provide terrible services, people in the community will find out and you will soon go out of business. For example, Edison Roofing Experts has this amazing website to show you that we’re a reputable roofing company that offers quality services to its’ valued customers. We have a good reputation in the community primarily because of our quality work and experienced contractors. Learn more about our residential services or commercial services and give us a call today.

3) Good Reviews

You don’t want to be a roofing contractor’s first review, so make sure that he has other qualified reviews about his services. If there are to many negative reviews or anything less than 3 stars it is best to stay clear. Be mindful that there are business owners out there writing malicious negative reviews on their competitor’s profile so don’t take one or two bad reviews as a reason to not call a contractor. It happens way to much and its so easy to identify a fake review. Some business owners have their friends and family post a review of their business and that isn’t that helpful either. Of course their going to writing amazing reviews, they are friends and family members! Not saying its all business owners but a handful do this deceitful practice with fake reviews, people who haven’t even hired the company for its’ services but post a review. It not only confuses potential customers but also makes their company look better it really is. A roofing contractor with a good amount of positive reviews is who you should be calling up for your next roof repair or new roof installation, it shows a sign of a creditable company which has been in business for many years. Read more about Edison Roofing Experts and it’s ethical practices.

4) Offers Free Inspection & Consulation

Every reputable roofing contractor offers free inspections and consultations, if you get charged for a simple roof inspection run the other way! You never know what ridiculous charges will come to you down the road if you decide to hire them for the job. Inspections and consultations from Qualified Roofing Professionals should be free and complimentary. They should also be very informative and shouldn’t sound like they’re trying to sell you something that you don’t absolutely need. If your pleased with your inspection and you think that the contractor knows what he is talking about then hire him! They are hard to find nowadays. That’s why Edison Roofing Experts provide you with a free inspection and a sit down consultation for everyone that gives us a call at  (732) 201-7090

5) Has Competitive Prices

If your in the market for a new roof installation or looking to get your roof repaired then you probably already called all the roofing contractors in the area asking for a quote. There will be certain roofing companies that will quote you a price that is significantly lower than other companies but it never really is the best deal. They say one price at the beginning and after they get started the run into a million problems and end up charging you more than any other contractor in the area! They also might be able to give you a lower quote because their either using cheap materials or inexperienced workers to get the job done. Your best bet is the hire the contractor that is both reputable and has a fair quote for your job. Contact Edison Roofing Experts today for a free quote!


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