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Skylights, A Perfect Addition!

Skylights can transform the look and feel to your house! It brings in a ton of natural light to your home and will brighten up any room, stairway, hallway or dark room. Its important to hire the right contractor to install your skylights, there a ton of problems that come from skylights installed improperly. Edison Roofing Experts are experienced roofing contractors who can install your dream skylight into your home. We’ll make sure we’ll double check our work and make sure we inspected it correctly. Call us up today and receive free consultation and a free estimate for your skylight installation! 

Fixed Skylights

Installing a fixed skylight is a great approach to bringing more sunlight to your home and brighten up the space. Its a fairly cheap and efficient way to bring natural light to a spacious room or hallway. Installing fixed skylights properly is important due to problems down the road if done wrong. Leaks can be a big issue if the seal is not done right and the inspection was skipped over. You can trust Edison Roofing Experts to install fixed skylights properly and we will inspect it to make sure its done right the first time around. Call us today to find more information about skylights!

Venting Skylights

A venting skylight has more potential then just a fixed skylight, it has the ability to bring in fresh air and naturally ventilate your home. We provide both venting skylight that is operated manually, by motor and by electrically, depending on your budget we’ll help you find the right fit. Its vital to install venting skylights correctly or you will have problems which can cost you a ton of money. Having a venting skylight get stuck in the open position can caused major damage to the interior of your home. Avoid contractors don’t know how to properly install skylights and give us a call and we’ll send out one of our professionals to provide free consultation!

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