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Professional Roof Inspections & Consulation

Most homeowners don’t know what is wrong with their roof or what repairs & changes are need until a professional comes out to inspect it. That is why Edison Roofing Experts provides free inspections to everyone that calls in about their roof, we will send out a professional as soon as possible to inspect your roof. We have been in business for many years and know exactly what is causing the problem in your roof right when we inspect it. We will sit down with you and provide you with a free consultation and explain to you exactly the problem your having with your roof and the options you have to either repair it or install a new roof. We don’t pressure you into signing anything or charge you for the inspection like many other contractors do daily! You can rest assure that we only partake in ethical best practices, it is why we’re the #1 rated roofing company in Edison, NJ.

​Why should you hire a contractor to inspect your roof?

Inspecting a roof by yourself is a huge task without proper training and knowledge behind it. You won’t understand by looking at a roof what exactly is wrong with it or what work needs to be done. It can also be dangerous for you if you’ve never been on a roof before let alone use a ladder. Your best bet is to leave it to the professionals to inspect your roof and figure out exactly what is wrong with your roof. Our professional contractors have been trained and have many years of experience so they know what is the problem with your roof is. We make sure all of our contractors are well trained and frequently test them to make sure they are up to date on the lasted practices from HAAG and GAF. If you don’t know any trusted contractors take a minute to read our 5 Steps To Finding a Trust-Worthy Roofing Contractor and give us a call at  (732) 201-7090.

What does a roof inspection cover?

While the roofing contractor inspects the overall condition of the roof to make sure it is intact and protecting your home, here are a couple things our professionals check on every roof inspection, no matter the size.

  • ​Overall inspection on the condition and appearance of the roof, both the exterior and underneath the roof for any cracks, tears or worn out shingles.
  • Evidence of any physical damages caused by a storm, nature or wearing out over the years
  • Checking the gutters, skylights, chimneys, vents and fascia to make sure they are intact and aren’t the source of a leak.
  • Checking for shingles that may be cracked, missing or deformed.
  • Checking all the flashing points on the roof to see if it may be damaged or missing.
  • Checking the areas where water normally collects such as the roof valleys.

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