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How do I pick the right roofing company?

Take a couple minutes and read our 5 Steps On Finding A Trust-Worthy Roofing Contractor and you will be able to find out exactly a lot of customers choose us over other roofing companies. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right roofing contractor for your roof. Make sure you look through our checklist to finding a good one, you’ll soon realize why we’re the best roofer and why people continue to refer customers to us.

How do I know if I need to repair or replace my roof?

Deciding between either repairing your roof or installing a brand new roof can be a difficult task. Let Edison Roofing Experts help you along the decision by providing you with a professional inspection and consultation. We’ll help you understand the pros and cons of repairing or installing a new roof based on the current status of your roof. Repairing your roof when you need a new roof can be a huge waste of money and just fixing it temporarily because you can be sure that it will cause more problems a couple months down the road. On the other hand, replacing your roof when all you need to do is repair you roof can also put a huge hole in your pocket. A lot of unethical roofers will try to convince you that you need to install a new roof when all you need is a routine repair. Watch out for these contractors that are out for your money and don’t have your best interests in mind. Edison Roofing Experts have been serving homeowners for many years and have become the trusted roofing contractor in the Edison, NJ area, read more about Edison Roofing Experts.

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How long will my new roof last?

A standard and modern roofing system will last you around 20 years but different materials and environments can drastically increase or lower that lifespan of your roof. For example if live in a environment where your affected by heavy storms or winds, then you can probably expect a lower lifespan of your roof. We will give you a more accurate estimate of how long your roof will last once we come out and check out all of the details pertaining towards your project. A lot of different manufacturers have different warranty lengths depending on the material. There is a lot of moving parts, you can leave Edison Roofing Experts to find out how long your roof will last and what warranties our customers will get. 

Do I have to pay my roofing contractor up front?

Any trust-worthy roofing contractor will not ask you to pay for your repair or installation up front. If they do, run the other way and find another credible contractor that will provide you with a contract or an agreement with the exact price of the job so you don’t end up paying more at the end of it. If your ordering special shingles or a custom job then some contractors may ask you to put down a down deposit to cover any material costs so you won’t back out last minute causing the contractor to have stock of shingles no one normally uses. Make sure you cross verify the contractor’s license and it is a huge red flag if they ask you for a upfront full payment. Make sure you call Edison Roofing Experts for your roof repair or new roof installation, call  (732) 201-7090.

I received multiple roof estimates, why do they vary greatly?

It is always good to get a couple quotes before hiring a roofing contractor to make sure you don’t end up paying to much for the same job. Some companies end up quoting you a price that is significantly lower than the other companies. Nine out of ten times this is a red flag of a sketchy contractor that will quote one price and then end up charging you a ton more at the end of it because of “unexpected situations” causing you to overpay for the same job. We take about this in more depth in our 5 steps of finding a good contractor. To receive a estimate from Edison Roofing Experts you can contact us here.

If I replace my roof do I also have to replace my gutters and downspout too?

If your gutters and downspouts are in good shape then we will work around them, we would normally remove them and reinstall them after all of the work on your roof is completely. If your gutters and downspouts need minor repairs done to them then we can do that as well for you so you don’t have any problems in the future. Call Edison Roofing Experts for more information and to figure out how good your gutters and downspouts are.

How long will a new roof installation normally take?

Every project is different, from the types of materials to the size of the roof to the condition of the current roof. It is very difficult to give a time frame for every home owner because realistically everyone has a different roof. Once we inspect your roof and give you an estimate we can give you a approximated time frame for the project and let you know how many trained professionals will be working on your roof.

How do I know what kind of shingle is right for my roof?

Choosing the right materials for your roof has a lot to do with your finance and quality your going for. Edison Roofing Experts have worked on numerous roofs over the years and can help you decide the best option out there for you. We don’t get paid by any distributors to promote any shingles or other products so you can ensure our word is unbiased and professional.

Can I do the roofing work myself?

Repairing your roof or installing a brand new roof isn’t your typical DIY project that you can finish on a weekend. Its a larger repair or project that you need years of experience and manpower to get it done in a timely fashion. We highly recommend you let the experience contractors to take care of your roof repair or new roof installation, its too much for take on yourself. Give Edison Roofing Experts a call and we’ll come out and give you a free inspection, call  (732) 201-7090.

Why choose Edison Roofing Experts?

Edison Roofing Experts have been in business for many years and everyone one of our crew are trained and experienced. We’re the best roofing contractor in Edison, NJ and that isn’t something we made up, its from our customers themselves. Over the years Edison Roofing Experts have been helping homeowners repairing their roofs or installing new roofs for them at an affordable price while making sure the work that is done is nothing less than perfection. We take pride in our work and would never put our name on anything that isn’t up to our standards. Call us out to take a look at your roof, we’ll provide you with an inspection and free consultation.

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